All-Natural Male Enhancemement Supplements: Alternative to Prescriptions

When it comes to men's health issues, there are plenty of books, articles, advice blogs, medical professionals, specialists and many other sources for information.  Men go to these sources looking for answers to a variety of health concerns, but one issue that gets a lot of attention is related to male libido and sexual performance.  While there are a couple of well-known prescription treatments on the market, prescriptions are not the only way to deals with male performance issues.  In fact, a 2014 article from the Journal of American Medical Association suggested that thousands of deaths were, in part, attributable to use of a popular male enhancement prescription drug.  Additionally, an institute in National Institutes for Health (NIH) cited various side-effects associated with taking prescription male enhancement drugs.  Included were headaches, diarrhea and dizziness. The alternative to risky prescription drugs are all-natural male enhancement supplements. The benefits of these supplements include virtually no side-effects, no interactions with prescription meds and they are much more cost effective.  Because many all-natural supplements are powered by roots, herbs and extracts, their effects are not instant.   Natural herbs can take longer to get into your system and produce the desired effects. 

In considering an all-natural supplement for male enhancement, there are several ingredients to look for.  Tribulus Terrestris is an herbal testosterone booster helping to increase testosterone, a primary sex hormone in men.  Maca root is an adaptogenic herb that can help the body adapt to environmental stressors and can improve sexual health.  Tongkat Ali is a powerful herb used by active adults, especially men, to increase testosterone levels to enhance libido.  Fenugreek is an herb used to increase libido and increase testosterone levels.  Horny goat weed is one of the best natural supplements for an energized sexual appetite.  Not only will you be able to last longer in the bedroom, but you will have more stamina.

Muscle Greedy Premium Nutrition offers these very ingredients in a male performance formula called XLD.  Other ingredients in Muscle Greedy’s formula include niacin, which has been found to promote vasodilation, improving erections.  Ginseng and caffeine can provide the added energy for increases in stamina.  Zinc is another ingredient where empirical data has proven that zinc has significant impact on testosterone production.  Other evidence proves that supplementation with zinc leads to better sexual function, particularly with arousal and the ability to maintain an erection (Journal of Human Reproductive Sciences 2009).    


Richard Baugh, BS

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